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Benefits of ceramic cup
Time:2019-11-20 17:09:25


According to the temperature, it can be divided into

1. Low temperature ceramic cup

The firing temperature of low temperature porcelain is 700-900 ℃.

2. Medium temperature ceramic cup

Generally, it refers to ceramics with a firing temperature of 1000 ℃ - 1200 ℃.

3. High temperature ceramic cup

The firing temperature of high temperature porcelain is above 1200 ℃.

(1) temperature: the firing temperature of high-temperature porcelain is more than 1200 ℃; the firing temperature of medium temperature porcelain is 1000-1150 ℃; the firing temperature of low-temperature porcelain is 700-900 ℃.

(2) color: the color of high-temperature porcelain is fuller, delicate and crystal clear; the color of medium and low-temperature porcelain is wooden.

(3) hand feel: high temperature porcelain is smooth and delicate; medium and low temperature porcelain is slightly rough.

(4) sound: high temperature porcelain is crisp; low and medium temperature porcelain is dull.

(5) texture: the hardness of high-temperature porcelain is stronger, and that of medium and low-temperature porcelain is more fragile.

(6) of course, the most obvious difference between high-temperature ceramics and low and medium temperature ceramics is water absorption. The water absorption of low and medium temperature ceramics is higher. The water absorption of high-temperature ceramics is lower than 0.2%. The product is easy to clean and will not absorb peculiar smell, and will not crack the glaze surface and local water leakage. The water absorption rate of medium and low temperature ceramics is much higher than this standard, and it is easy to enter into sewage. It is not easy to clean, and it will give off unpleasant smell. After a long time, cracks and water leakage will occur.

Benefit 1: easy to clean

Most people have the experience that if a plastic lunch box is filled with some fried dishes, especially the ones with large amount of oil, the oil will attach to it, which is particularly difficult to clean. Even with detergent, it is not easy to clean it. And it's very easy to clean them with these porcelains

It's easy. Most of the time, you just need to wash it with water. If the oil is relatively large, drop a little detergent, it will become very clean and bright.

Benefit 2: slow heat transfer, safe and healthy

Like other materials of daily necessities, especially plastic, the heat transfer speed is very fast. If you pour a cup of hot water, you can't take it. But if porcelain cup is used, there is no such problem. There is also a key aspect of material and manufacturing

In terms of art, ceramic cup is not only safe in material, but also resistant to high temperature. The ceramic cup with qualified quality is made of high-quality porcelain clay in high-temperature environment. In the process of refining, there is no organic chemical substance. Therefore, when using the ceramic cup, you don't need to worry about drinking harmful chemicals into your stomach. Plasticizer is often added to the plastic cup, which contains some toxic chemicals. When we use the plastic cup to hold hot water, it is toxic Chemicals are easily diluted into water, so as water enters our body, experts have said that using inferior plastic cups may cause cancer; another common metal cup may contain harmful metals, which are also harmful to human health

Advantage 3: long service life and corrosion resistance

With the development of science and technology, some dishes or bowls at home also have stainless steel and other materials. These are very convenient to use. They are not afraid to fall or touch. However, these materials will react with salt or other substances, forming certain corrosion and impact on the container

Time used. But porcelain is different. Porcelain is very corrosion-resistant. As long as you use it with care and don't fall on the ground, you can use it for many years.

Benefit 4: environmental protection and no pollution

The ceramic cup can be said to be the safest and healthiest for human body, so the first choice for drinking water is the ceramic cup without colored glaze and colorless inner wall. In addition to material safety, ceramic cup has relatively good heat preservation effect; in addition, the inner wall of ceramic cup has smooth surface, bacteria and

Dirt is not easy to grow on the wall of the cup; in cleaning, ceramic cup also has absolute advantages. Generally, the tea stains in the cup can be cleaned with toothpaste or salt, and the stubborn stains can be scrubbed with orange peel, which is environmentally friendly and harmless.

Advantage 5: rich raw materials and low price

The main components of ceramics are kaolin and clay, not rare metals, which will not waste our living resources, nor pollute the environment, neither destroy resources, nor be toxic or harmless. The selection of ceramics reflects the understanding of environmental protection and the care of our living environment

。 Ceramic cup is environment-friendly, durable and practical. It is the crystallization of soil, water and fire.

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